Our latest project, Brainstorms, is a collaborative effort co-produced by Corpus Callosum Creations and the Resurrecting Lives Foundation. A short film written and directed by Julie Pacino and her Tiny Apples Production team will provide the audience with an experiential view of a day in the life of a veteran struggling with the signature wound of Global War of Terror.

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Chrisanne Gordon, MD is excited to announce that she is currently working on an audio version of her book, Turn the Lights On! The audio book will make this important resource on TBI accessible to a wider audience. It is expected to be available on Amazon Audible by this Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2021. The audio version is made possible through a generous grant from The Fred and June MacMurray Foundation.

Turn on the Lights!

As both a physician and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor, Chrisanne Gordon, MD is uniquely qualified to write this book as a board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician. She presents her story, intertwined with the stories of veterans and athletes who shared the journey back from TBI to the “new normal”. It is a book of HOPE for those struggling with TBI. Included are resources for their friends and family to help navigate a medical system which is very difficult if you are “out of your brain.” Dr. Gordon is published in the TBI sector, an invited lecturer and sought after speaker, author and filmmaker. She is Board-certified in rehabilitation medicine.

“The personal approach with which Chrisanne Gordon, MD writes is so powerful that it immediately draws you into a seeming paradoxical world of amazing terror and hope. The brain, we learn, heals in chunks, not gradually.. We learn that Traumatic Brain Injury is not a mind hurt, but a brain hurt. Medication and surgery aren't the answer, but tenacious patience and committed compassion are. Chrisanne Gordon, MD is a witness to TBI, as victim and observer, advocates to complete healing of not just the injury, but of the whole person. Ideally, the salvation of those who suffer from TBI, veterans, athletes and others, will come when all stakeholders in the health care continuum come together and join forces in the fight, God willing.”

Montgomery J. Granger
Major, U.S. Army, Retired

“In her fabulous book Turn on the Lights Chrisanne Gordon, MD shows off her genius Through her innate ability to look into her own brain injured mind and recount her thoughts and emotions as she goes through the emotions and thoughts from the moment of brain injury to the moments of re-discovery of ‘herself’ as she used to be. She is a physician who has discovered one of the innermost secrets of caring for the patients–the physician must assume and carry some of the burden of pain, injury and emotion of the patient in order to know how to care for him or her.. This innate and unique ‘bridge’ between the recognition herself and her path through her healing brain injury process enables her gifts in dealing with her patients successfully and writing about it! This book is a rare work and insight into an injured physician’s mind and emotional struggle that must be read by all medical workers and patients suffering from brain injury and concussions.”

Gerald Dieter Griffin, PharmD, MD, FACFE
Brigadier General, MC,USA(Ret)

“As a combat veteran, I can attest that Chrisanne Gordon, MD is an ardent advocate who also had experienced her own TBI. This book illuminates the subject and conveys the journey that had led Chrisanne Gordon, MD to pivot towards a new direction. She has the propensity of being a leader, and as such addresses the obstacles –both legislative and medical–to achieve a successful mission –to educate, properly diagnose, and the treatment of TBI.”

Wendell Guillermo
Software Developer and OIF Combat Veteran