About Us

Corpus Callosum Creations is a media company promoting creative endeavors to foster growth and expansion of the human spirit. In the human brain, the Corpus Callosum, (which literally means, "hard body") is a dense broad band of nerve fibers joining the two hemispheres. Through our projects, we hope to connect ideas of the left brain (language, math, and science) with the more creative right brain (visuospatial, creative, spiritual) to encourage cultural exchange and creative collaborations to both heal and advance the human condition.

In 2012 Corpus Callosum Creations produced the documentary, Operation Resurrection, to promote solutions for health care, education, and employment in our returning veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury, (TBI). Often, recovery from a brain injury involves discovering the creative ideas from the right brain to achieve a "new normal". Chrisanne Gordon, MD is the CEO of Corpus Callosum Creations and served as the Executive Producer and director of the documentary. This was her first foray into film production, though she previously co-produced three award winning environmental series for PBS.

Currently, Corpus Callosum Creations is co-producing the short film, Brainstorms along with Resurrecting Lives Foundation. The new short film is designed to delve deeper into the plight of TBI and to give the audience a glimpse of how it is to live with the signature invisible wound war.