Resurrecting Lives


Our latest project, BRAINSTORMS, is a collaborative effort co-produced by Corpus Callosum Creations and the Resurrecting Lives Foundation. This short film, written and directed by Julie Pacino and her Tiny Apples Production team, will provide the audience with an experiential view of a day in the life of a veteran struggling with the signature wound of Global War of Terror, TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY.

Operation Resurrection

The goal of this unique and timely documentary is to assist struggling service men and women who have just returned from war. It is an inspirational show that highlights SOLUTIONS to the daunting challenges awaiting our heroes upon their return.

This project is driven by individuals alone and in groups, philanthropic corporations, concerned communities, and engaged politicians who are defining America’s response to the homecoming of our warriors.

Most importantly, we need to listen to our returning heroes and decide what can and must be done to resurrect the lives of our warriors, our warriors’ families, and the institutions and agencies that strive to care for them.